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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 5 Reflection of my Glog -" Bodies of Water"

The information in the Glog (videos, songs, website pages and games) will help students understand that bodies of water support animal and plant life that are dependent upon each other.  The living and nonliving material in these bodies of water are also resources that humans use.  As the students learn what the different types of bodies of water are, and the elements they contain, they will begin to connect those elements to their own life and the uses for them.

In the first paragraph of Chapter 4, “The Creating Mind”, of Five Minds of the Future, Howard Gardner describes how creativity is being “sought after” in a society that is so obsessed with automaticity and technology.  Educational experts certainly undertand the importance of nurturing and expanding the creative mind, but fear it is not easily done in our “wired society”.  After creating my first Glog, I see that I used technological skills and creative skills.  Therefore, this was a fun project.  It will be different from any others because I created it by making my own choices about the images, frames, graphics, background, types of assignments, videos and songs.  I also decided how to lay out my poster and what order to put the activites in.  It was a very creative process.  

After using this Glog to introduce the concept of different bodies of water, I will use it again to teach how to make a Glog.  The next step for my students will be to make their own Glog to demonstrate their understanding of the standards listed above.  I will ask them this essential question:  How are bodies of water useful to human beings?  They will be able to choose one or more bodies of water to give examples of how any living or nonliving elements of bodies of water are useful to humans.  The process of choosing the information to display and the way to display it will involve their creative minds.  

Gardner, Howard. (2007). Five minds for the future. Harvard Business School of Publishing. Boston, MA.

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