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Thursday, June 7, 2012

u05a1 Content Creation

This morning, after explaining what creativity means and what the word role means, I posed this question to nine of my second graders: What role does creativity play in our classroom?  This is what they replied:

  • We do art projects like making birds and bunnies.  They are creative because we color them and add details to them like when someone added a worm hanging from the bird’s mouth.
  • We draw pictures with crayons in our writing journals before or after we write.
  • We color during inside recess.
  • We make puzzles on the computer and play with them on Jigsaw Planet.
  • We make up stories.
  • We do writing projects like narratives and reports and we write paragraphs for homework every night.

Next, I asked them:  What do you value about using technology to be creative in our classroom?
They replied:
  • We use the Smart Board by using the pens and drawing whatever we want, using our imagination.
  • We use Google Drawing because you can make up anything and save it.  It is always there so you can add something again to it later.
  • We use netbook computers to go on websites such as Jigsaw Planet, Paint, Google Docs, Jelly Cam to create stop motion videos, Photo Story 3 to create digital stories, GoAnimate! to create animated videos, Google Presentations to create a slideshow, and Prezi to make presentations.
  • We read ebooks which help us get ideas for our own creative projects.  They also help us get ideas for drawing pictures.

The last question I asked them was this:  What would you change about our classroom to allow you to be more creative using technology?
They replied:
  • I wish we had more time to go on the Smartboard to use it to play with the pens and tools and create pictures and designs.
  • I wish we had 25 minutes of computer time every day to create games and play games like the Monster Truck game where you can choose your truck and your racetrack and you are trying to get around the race track in a certain time.
  • We should have more time on the computer to play games because it might give us some ideas for how to create games of our own..  We would create similar games but make it different and create our own.
  • We should use a game on where you can design a plane and then play the game with the plane by solving multiplication facts.
  • We should use this website where you can create any game (forgot the name of it).
  • We should play Monster Truck Demolisher.  You can upgrade your truck and add people.
  • I wish we could bring in tablets and learn on them instead of a computer.
  • I wish we had little Smartboards on our desks to do research on.
  • We should use more audio books (on cd players) to give us ideas for projects.

As we ended they unanimously said that they think creativity plays a big part in our classroom. This made me feel good about our classroom activities.  It is really enlightening when you actually ask your students questions where they can express their opinions and offer some evaluation about the types of activities they are doing.  This was a very valuable use of our time.

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