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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Introductory Blog

Hello to all visiting this blog.  My name is Alison Sullivan and I teach second grade at
The Dover School in East Dover, Vermont.

My primary goal for taking the Digital Media course is to learn how to use digital media
with my students in the best ways possible.

My philosophy of education is that we all learn through experiences.  The more we 
experience, the more we learn.

The greatest benefit to using technology and media in the classroom is that it sparks 
excitement about learning because it creates stimulating experiences.

My biggest challenge with using technology is keeping on task with my teaching 
objectives and using it productively to meet my students' learning goals.

One example of how I use digital media in my classroom is displaying daily activities 
on our Smartboard with links to all the media we use.

My classroom today differs from when I was in school because it has a Smartboard, 
1:1 netbooks, video used content learning, and lessons created and organized with 

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  1. Hello, Alison! Nice introductory post in 104 characters. I agree with your philosophy!